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Mike Miller believed in reaching out generously to help others. He volunteered on mission trips and helped many people in his community with whatever was needed. He never wanted anything in return or even to be recognized by his good deeds. In his bible we found in his handwriting “Do things that only God can see.” Mike lived his life through these words. He died suddenly in November 2011 with many unfinished dreams. He had planned on going on a mission trip with his church to Guatemala and ironically it was to help build homes for widows. He also talked about starting a small organization to reach out to more people that needed help.

To carry on his legacy, his family began an organization called “Mike’s Helping Hands” to pull together community volunteers to help families in need with small household projects. It might be having a yard clean-up day for an elderly couple where many volunteers help rake leaves or it may be a specialized task to help a single mom fix a leak in the bathroom plumbing.